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   Anyone else going to buy FIFA 16 [04/09/15 05:13AM]   
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Honestly, FIFA 15 is one of the worst FIFA's in recent years. Almost none of the problems in the recent games have been fixed, a new and revamped "ball physics" is barely noticeable yet the game's entire advertising campaign was focused on that.

Online is still as terrible as ever. It seems goalkeeping errors are even WORSE than previous games, half-way...


   A single anchor of FIFA 16 [02/09/15 04:54AM]   
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I've tried everything imaginable with central midfield, believe me. I don't agree at all that there's a "remedy." You can merely mitigate the stupidity, not cure it.

I've basically started playing with a single anchor in every career mode now because any sort of midfield two will eventually end up mindlessly making forward runs whether it's Busquets...


   FIFA 16 is so realistic [01/09/15 04:49AM]   
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I'm gonna be honest, I'd love if this feature was implemented. Doing worse? Less fans are gonna show up. Doing awesome? More are gonna show and cheer louder. Depending on how loyal a fan base is equates to how long they'll put up with a shitty team. I love stuff like that.

Location of stadium is far more important than bandwagoners, now that city have...


   FIFA 16 Player Ratings [31/08/15 05:06AM]   
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GK Simon Mignolet 80
GK Adam Bodgan 70
CB Mamadou Sakho 80

CB Dejan Lovren 78
CB Martin Skrtel 81
CB Tiago Ilori 73

CB Joe Gomez 62
CB Kolo Toure 77
LB Alberto Moreno 78

LB Jose Enrique 75
RB Nathaniel Clyne 79
RB Jon Flanagan...


   FIFA 16: women's leagues is interesting [29/08/15 04:31AM]   
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Actually I would be ecstatic. I find the whole women's leagues thing interesting and sure it'll be fun for a bit but overall I would be much more excited if they came out and said that they had taken mass surveys of FIFA players and we're trying to fix those things that they said were wrong. And if they came out and said that they were going to upgrade their servers as well...


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