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   Having advantages in FIFA 16 [10/08/15 03:45AM]   
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I think there are some technical considerations that would be interesting to know. The way online console gaming USED to work was that one machine/player hosted a match while the other machine/player was a client. This resulted in the player who was hosting having an advantage in that zero packets get lost and lag is essentially zero with your own machine. I believe that a...


   Fifa16 - Wishes [08/08/15 03:51AM]   
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Its probably a little pointless to make this, as we know EA normally just do some minor graphical and gimmicky gameplay modifications, from year to year, to make it feel new enough.

But who can really blame them, their license only last so long. Why would any company invest into a good engine and a stable server infrastructure when they are selling...


   FIFA 16 Gameplay Discussion [07/08/15 03:15AM]   
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I have been looking around and there is nothing when it comes down to the actual gameplay. But on the other hand, ea is showing everything related to the game ( pack animation openings, stadiums, etc..) But not the gameplay, Yet?

I've seen tad bits of gameplay before they were removed from YouTube. Women's Teams though...



   Some ideas for FIFA 16 [06/08/15 03:15AM]   
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Last week I asked here for ideas to what to check out on the FIFA 16 and what questions I should ask, the NDA is off and I can talk about it.

It was a HANDS ON session with Gilliard Lopes (Producer) showing us all the new features and how we should use them, the video he showed us is the same exact video EA showed IGN during their E3 event, if you look...


   Important skill in FIFA 16 [05/08/15 09:51AM]   
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Well, dribbling is definitely an important skill, as well as a basic understanding of 4* skill moves. A fairly pacey striker with good dribbling skills will get you plenty of goals, but I emphasise the good "dribbling". I don't just mean the big stat on the card, look on Futhead for players with good "reflexes" (this means they'll respond quicker to user input) and "ball control"...


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