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   FIFA 16 - who deserves the biggest downgrades [21/08/15 04:52AM]   
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Vidic-absolutely horrendous for Inter. As a Juventino I'm sorry for our rivals in Milan. Evra-he was horrible in the beginning but managed to adapt serie A. Nonetheless he doesn't deserve 80. Llorente-he was godlike under Conte but not so good under Allegri. Asamoah-he's been injured for the entire season and yet to play on ...


   FIFA 16: choices up front [20/08/15 07:56AM]   
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Liverpool, they have been my first choice ever since FIFA15. It's gonna be weird though without Gerrard this year. Might try to loan him in or buy him back. Also a lot of new talent, lots of choices up front, no Sterling, Ibe might be getting an upgrade so I might use him as a starter.

I've actually already decided all the teams I will use in FIFA16....


   FIFA 16 New Leagues [18/08/15 05:12AM]   
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I read on a site that Flamengo and Corinthians have agreed a deal with PES, refusing Fifa coins. Looks like the chances to have Brazilian League back are not so many.. but, I'll still be happy if they will make a deal with Ukrainian League instead. I would love to see more and more European Leagues...


   FIFA 16: forcing and risky passes [13/08/15 04:58AM]   
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I disagree. I've had a lot of success this year passing on all thirds of the pitch. I've played against people who would complain about their passing after the game, and while some issues are outside of their control, a lot of the problems were from forcing passes and making risky passes instead of the safe pass that could preserve possession.

I'm not...


   The game mode of FIFA 16 [12/08/15 05:04AM]   
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Absolutely, but it was never going to be a fix for 15, because the economy was already dead in the water. It remains to be seen what the availability of top players will be like in 16, or what refinements EA make to their system by that time.

I personally prefer the idea of extending the building process of your club, I feel like that should be the...


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