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   Will Reece Oxford Been Added to FIFA 16 [03/11/15 06:44AM]   
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We can see that many West Ham fans are continuing to ask the question on why isnít Reece Oxford in FIFA 16. Many players had expected the player to be available, at least for FIFA 16 Career Mode but unfortunately he is nowhere to be seen.

The main reason to this is likely due to his young age. Usually EA would not put such a young player into the game...


   Try these FIFA 16 Overrated Teams [02/11/15 06:47AM]   
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Every year EA Sports are handed the thankless task of deciding ratings for champions, contenders, relegation-fodder and everyone else in between. Theyíre not infallible, nor do they have access to a crystal ball when making their decisions.

Itís a near-impossible task to sift through every teamís performance last season and conclude whether theyíre...


   FIFA 16: Annoys People [31/10/15 06:41AM]   
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FIFA 16 might be the most realistic soccer experience the franchise has offered, but that might not be a good thing. FIFA 16 proves defense doesn't always win.

Itís hard to deny that soccer is becoming more and more popular in the United States. It has long been the king of sports in the rest of the world, but now Americans are finally starting to embrace...


   11 Things You Must Do in FIFA 16 [30/10/15 06:40AM]   
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The Dutchman has left the building and youíre the new boss at Old Trafford. Now, despite having a large pile of cash at your disposal and some extremely talented players, a career save with Manchester United on FIFA 16 isnít as easy as you would first imagine.

Luckily the board expectations have been lowered on the latest version but (rightfully) youíre...


   You can try these 9 teams in FIFA 16 [29/10/15 07:07AM]   
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With FIFA 16 out now we've decided to pick out the 9 teams that we feel you have to consider for your FIFA 16 Career Mode game.

Weíve tried to get a balance between teams with a solid infrastructure and teams with a lot of potential. Weíve generally stayed away from teams that will require too much work but there are one or two in there that will keep...


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