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   FIFA 16: Women in the Game [24/09/15 08:07AM]   
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For the first time ever, female gamers can now see themselves as soccer players in the best-selling global soccer (or “football,” for those outside the U.S.) “FIFA” franchise published by the EA Sports division of Electronic Arts. “FIFA ’16” goes on sale today for PC, PlayStation 3 and 4, as well as Xbox One and 360.

Women are now “in the game,” declares...


   FIFA 16 & EA Access membership [23/09/15 08:28AM]   
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Microsoft has released a new FIFA 16-themed Xbox One hardware bundle that includes a year’s subscription to Electronic Arts’ gaming service EA Access.

The package also includes a 1TB hard drive, a chat headset, and digital codes redeemable for three Xbox-exclusive FIFA Ultimate Team Loan Legends.

The bundle is the first of its...


   Score the goal in FIFA 16 [21/09/15 09:46AM]   
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I score from long shots quite regularly (Draxler, De Bruyne, Reus, Benteke and Pogba are quite good), as well as from through balls with Lukaku and Benteke finishing most things. I'm also pretty good at corners and crosses in general (again, Benteke is good at that.) However, I NEVER score free-kicks. In my fourth season of career mode I've never scored one.



   FIFA 16 Release Date & Things Buyers Need to Know [20/09/15 08:15AM]   
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The FIFA 16 release date is so close that our feet are twitching with anticipation of kicking a game winning goal in stoppage time with new precision passing and shooting. Join us for a look at what you can expect from the FIFA 16 release date and what buyers need to know about the new Fifa 16 account,...


   Can't find Ronaldinho in FIFA 16 shocks fans [19/09/15 08:19AM]   
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With the launch of the FIFA 16 Web App, we can see that there has been a lot of questions asked on where Ronaldinho is on FIFA 16.

At the moment, Ronaldinho is not in FIFA 16 but the Brazilian leagues have already been confirmed for...


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