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   The Build-Up Play of FIFA 16 [16/09/15 07:48AM]   
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Build-up play would be great because that's how it works, for the most part, in real life. Yeah there are definitely some amazing counters but in general there is some good build up going on to spread the defense, etc. I don't play many online matches because FIFA 15 is my first, however me and my friend play each other because he's been playing a lot longer than me and helps...


   FIFA 16 FUT New Update [15/09/15 08:26AM]   
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EA Sport will soon be launching the new FIFA Ultimate Team season, and have shared more details on they plan to make this year's FUT experience fun, fair, and secure.

Three major updates have been revealed, including early access to the transfer market via the Web and Mobile apps, the widening of price ranges for players and the new security measures...


   Idea for FIFA 16 FUT [14/09/15 04:58AM]   
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I just had a potentially great idea for next year's Ultimate Team-
The ability to set default listings for packed items. For example every time you pack a rare contract card you could click on it and select "default list" then the item would automatically...


   How to pass a ball in FIFA 16 [11/09/15 05:11AM]   
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Possession is risky as your players can frustratingly lose the ball through no fault of your own, screwing up all your patient work and resulting in a three on three counter attack. Like, I'll be probing around the box for a while having had the ball for a few minutes, I'll pass the ball to Busquets outside the box, his touch is fine but there's no immediate pass on. I choose...


   Will you choose female players in FIFA 16 [10/09/15 05:30AM]   
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Not all of them are total shit, although you just descrembed most of the team. I'm bored and I play too much career mode so I'm gonna tell you about some of their better players. TL:DR If you ever play a career mode in League 1 or League 2 then sign these guys. They're all free and can be very good players at that level.

Sunil Chhetri is the best player...


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