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   New to Path of Exile, Old Diablo Player [19/12/17 10:19AM]   
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For beginners its usually best to follow a beginner friendly build guide. there are lots on the forum or on youtube. Few things you should know: capping elemental resists is not an option, its a must. Early on you don't really need that much currency at all, just dont waste (exalted orbs/divine orbs/ annulment orbs and mirrors {haha}) they are typically very rare and have niche uses so it's better to sell them to people or use them the day you get a really insane item.

Chaos orbs are not really worth wasting either and they are the main currency everything translates to. At the start gameplay may feel clunky, but once you get your build started a bit its amazing. You could not clue where to start, or what to start striving for.

It is important depends on what you want to play, but all classes have friendly new player builds.

Witch is generally a summoner/dot caster.

Shadow is trapper, miner or some dot build. A popular miner build atm is Glacial cascade, Essence drain/contagion is a very good dot build (both are good first chars, not everyone likes mines though).

Ranger is pretty versatile right now, can be bow builds or melee builds, generally not played as a caster. Some skills would be Frost blades, tornado shot, lightning arrow, cyclone.

Duelist is 90% of the time a melee character, can use any melee skill. The other 10% are some niche builds, like support or range. Some beginner melee skills would be cyclone, reave and sunder.

Marauder is also melee, but has totem/caster builds(though spell caster builds died down this patch with marauder).

Templar is generally the go to elemental spell caster atm, also is very strong with spell totems (similar playstyle to the old s1/s2 DH turret).

Scion is a character that can kinda do anything but can't, she is the essence of "jack of all trades, master of none". I wouldn't recommend as a new player, since her ascendancy and skill tree start is very different to any other class.

This is just a "brief" rundown, whichever one of these interest you, i would recommend to go on youtube/the forums to find a guide of that class, people will usually list them as "beginner".




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