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   FIFA 16: goals are everything [21/10/15 07:40AM]   
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There’s no getting away from the fact that in football, and FIFA 16, goals are the only thing that matters. It’s a simple game and in FIFA 16 it can often come down to which side has got the better finishers. With that in mind we decided to create the best FIFA 16 Finishing XI for our latest Squawka FIFA 16 Challenge. 

This challenge is slightly different to our bad positioning XI. Whereas that one focused on building a terrible team that would be difficult to play with this is trying to assemble a team that is going to ooze goals. This team has goals from all areas and you should be looking to outscore your opponents rather than focusing on defending.

We’ve kept this at just Premier League players and we’ve also kept it as gold players although we may care about the latest Fifa 16 news and below one later on in the year. Your challenge is to try and assemble this team either in Ultimate Team or in kick-off and just have a go playing with them. This is the FIFA 16 Finishing XI.

GK: Ben Foster – West Bromwich Albion
Foster has never scored in the Premier League, although he was lobbed by Paul Robinson when at Watford but yet his finishing stat of 18 is the highest of any gold keeper in the Premier League. We’re a bit surprised we’ll be honest but maybe one day Foster will show exactly what he can do in front of goal.

RB: Seamus Coleman – Everton
Just like last year Coleman is in the team at right-back with a very impressive finishing stat of 65. He is one of the best right-backs in the Premier League and he has nine goals in the league since the start of 2013-14 season. A lot of attacks for Everton go through Coleman and it’s easy to see why.

CB: Chancel Mbemba – Newcastle United
Like Coleman Mbemba hasn’t scored this season but he too has nine goals since the start of the 2013-14 season. He has shown himself to be a bit of a threat from set-pieces and if Newcastle’s form continues to pick up his goal tally could rise as well. His finishing stat is 57.

CB: Jan Vertonghen – Tottenham Hotspur
Rather awkwardly Vertonghen the fourth player on this list who hasn’t actually score a goal this season in the league and after an initially bright start his goals have dried up a bit. Nevertheless his finishing stat of 60 is the most of any centre-back in the league and we’re still not sure why this wasn’t allowed.

LB: Leighton Baines – Everton
Baines is the third member of the back four who was in the team last season although his finishing stat of 70 was closely challenged by Aston Villa new boy Jordan Amavi (69). Baines hasn’t actually played in the league due to injury and we’re a little surprised his finishing is so high when the majority of his goals come from set-pieces.

RM: Alexis Sanchez – Arsenal
Ah finally, someone who has actually scored some goals this season. Sanchez has nine in his last five for both club and country and he really is in excellent form at the moment. His finishing stat is up at 85 and give he scored 250k Fifa 16 coins android in all competitions last season it’s easy to see why.

CM: Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City
Okay so De Bruyne isn’t technically a central midfielder but in this team we had to have him in. He’s already scored three goals in the Premier League since joining Manchester City and the first strike against West Ham was a fantastic finish.

CM: Yaya Toure – Manchester City
Alongside De Brune in the middle is his City team-mate Toure who matches his finishing stat of 82. Both players have reputations for goals and the sheer number of goals from across the team is part of the reason why City are such a dangerous team.

LM: Eden Hazard – Chelsea
Last season Hazard managed 14 goals in the Premier League and although he’s yet to get off the mark this season there’s no doubting the Belgian’s ability, he’s just in a bad patch of form. In fact if anything he’s probably guilty of not shooting enough and looking for the pass instead.

ST: Diego Costa – Chelsea
When Diego Costa doesn’t try to wind-up defenders and focuses on his football he is actually rather good at football and is one of the best strikers around. The joy of FIFA 16 is that unless you tell him to he won’t go off trying to fight someone. It is no surprise that he is back in this team with a finishing of 90.

ST: Sergio Aguero – Manchester City 
It was absolutely ridiculous that Aguero wasn’t on this list last season and it’s still a bit dodgy that his finishing isn’t ahead of Costa’s (for reference they’re both level at 90). Maybe EA have docked him a point because he can’t stay fit for more than a month at a time. Just imagine if he could though…




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