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   FIFA 16 Scoring Guide [23/10/15 07:52AM]   
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Football matches are often decided through rare moments of magic, and these moments are goals. But if you lose your matches by fine margins, or if you want to improve on your score, we have some easy tactics to assist you with your goals. So let’s delve right in.

FIFA 16 has improved shooting a lot; both near post and far post. During big games, try to watch the power bar and under-power your shots. By doing so, you will be able to slot it more accurately into the net, and even if the keeper makes the save, you can score with fifa ultimate team coins. Over-powered shots sometimes result in the keeper making a tremendous save, or the ball will sail out of play if there is too much power on the shot.

Another way, especially if you try to catch the goal keeper flat-footed from outside the box, or if you try to bend in the ball into the far post, is to use the “Finesse” shot. The player wraps his foot around the ball and curls it into the corner; outside the goal keeper’s reach. Hold the R1/RB and the Shoot buttons to score with the Finesse shot.

In high-line defense, when the goal-keeper is close to the player with the ball, the best way to score in this situation is to just tap the shoot button to release a grounded shot. With not much distance between the keeper and the ball, he is not able to react and the ball will find its way into the net. This is without doubt, the most effective way to score goals from close range.

Now with the traditional shot from the player’s laces, we all love to score from outside the box. Always pick a player with 80+ attributes of “Long Shots”. You will have a really good chance to score if you put your foot through the ball with enough fifa 16 coins. Another option to score a goal between a flurry of opponent players is to chip the ball. Once you master it, you see the ball sneak in just under the bar from all of 25 yards, it is extremely useful.

So the next time you play against the time and need a goal to win the match, you will have a clear idea of what options you have and which option is the best in the situation. The only way you can master these skills is if you practice, practice and practice. So get back on the pitch and show us what you are made up of!




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