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   Important skill in FIFA 16 [05/08/15 09:51AM]   
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Well, dribbling is definitely an important skill, as well as a basic understanding of 4* skill moves. A fairly pacey striker with good dribbling skills will get you plenty of goals, but I emphasise the good "dribbling". I don't just mean the big stat on the card, look on Futhead for players with good "reflexes" (this means they'll respond quicker to user input) and "ball control" (keeping the ball close to their feet, rather than kicking it 10m ahead of them everytime they sprint).

Next, you need to learn how to finish. Long shots and shots across goal aren't as good any more, so always shoot with the Fifa 16 coins and shoot for the near post. Finesse shots up close almost always work. I used to get just outside the box and let rip with an outside the foot shot that would score 100% of the time, if I waste my time trying that in 15 with the few chances I get, you bet I'm going to lose.

Finally, take your time. Ease off the sprint button from time to time. It's all about setting up your cheap Messi to get on a good run, so use your midfield to hold up player. I'm not talking tiki-taka, just use the time before someone rushes you to think about who you're going to pass to next. Get it to your striker either with an old Fifa 16 account or while he's making a run so he can pick it up at full sprint and easily leave the defense behind.

It takes some getting used to, but I think if you're only going to do one thing, learn how to score goals. As I said, chances are few and far between and until you get the hang of turning every shot into a goal, you're just not going to win. Goalkeepers are much better at saving shots, but they have new weaknesses, so exploit them instead.




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