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   Some ideas for FIFA 16 [06/08/15 03:15AM]   
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Last week I asked here for ideas to what to check out on the FIFA 16 and what questions I should ask, the NDA is off and I can talk about it.

It was a HANDS ON session with Gilliard Lopes (Producer) showing us all the new features and how we should use them, the video he showed us is the same exact video EA showed IGN during their E3 event, if you look that up you can see the same things we saw but we saw different players doing the same moves. I will outline a few of the things that caught my eyes the most and you guys can ask whatever you want, I will answer anything I'm capable of:

Gillard only talked about GAMEPLAY, he refused to answer any other questions and when I asked him what he tought of FUT SELECT he smirkly replied "I don't know anything about that, what is that?". He did however mention that they will release more info on new modes for FUT and career mode during GAMESCOM.

The new defense system with Fifa 16 coins pc. If you are controlling Modric and your opponent plays a through pass to his attacker you don't always need to switch to Sergio Ramos to make the interception, if it's an easy one he will do it himself without needing to switch to him. Since he's fast and agile he can easily intercept the ball, if you have Pepe instead he might just kick the ball away.

The swing steps thing that defenders do to fall back while running backwards works really well and help to reduce the offense threat of a fast skillful guy like Neymar and Bale.




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