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   FIFA 16 Gameplay Discussion [07/08/15 03:15AM]   
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I have been looking around and there is nothing when it comes down to the actual gameplay. But on the other hand, ea is showing everything related to the game ( pack animation openings, stadiums, etc..) But not the gameplay, Yet?

I've seen tad bits of gameplay before they were removed from YouTube. Women's Teams though...

They still palm shots over the bar that could easily be caught.

They still move like a snail to a ball going out for a corner.

EA can say what they like, from what I've seen with my own eyes there still shit. The whole game has problems when the balls above head height. The AI just can't handle it.

The keepers are probably one of the hardest balances in a football game. They can have the keepers cheat and save everything on target. But you then have to balance up the need to have goals in games. These aren't exact simulators. You have the keepers playing stupidly good every game and it's 0-0 every game.

The PES 2016 footage that Bateson and Matthdgamer have put out shows their keepers to be even worse than FIFA 15.

Well if you pre-order they already made a sale but you have no idea how good or bad the end product is. However since they already sold you the item, they have much less incentive to get free Fifa 16 account. Since they already sold it. Any incentive you have to make a good product because there is competition becomes void if you pre-order. You are buying a promise also there are handfull examples of broken releases (any tripple A title with massive pre-orders launches in a semi-broken state, but it doesnt matter, they already sold millions)

Nope. It's because the gameplay is not really important. Just show all the shiny stuff you can get/do in FUT. Thats what counts these days.

Everything I've heard about it so far tells me it's the same old story. Not to be rude here but what the fans need is not the ability to play womens teams. 

What the fans need is a better game. It would be nice if EA for ONCE could say like : "We know the keeper with Fut 16 coins, and we're going to rectify that in the new version, so that YOU, the hardcore fan, get value for your money". But no, all they do is figure out schemes that sells more copies and hopefully all of them get addicted to opening packs in FUT.

My prediction of the future is that FIFA will change name to FIFA Ultimate team, and be a free to play/pay to win-game where all you can do is play UT or career mode. Of course, I definitely hope I'm proven wrong and it might be far fetched, but it would not surprise me really.




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