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   Fifa16 - Wishes [08/08/15 03:51AM]   
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Its probably a little pointless to make this, as we know EA normally just do some minor graphical and gimmicky gameplay modifications, from year to year, to make it feel new enough.

But who can really blame them, their license only last so long. Why would any company invest into a good engine and a stable server infrastructure when they are selling something "on loan" while the majority of consumers are kids, some of who we know frequent this very subreddit, praising EA and welcome any issue and disappointment with Fifa 16 coins pc and joy that would make even Hitler proud.

Nevertheless, the optimist in me likes to think that there is this good guy sitting in his cubical at the EA offices, browsing reddit, trying to suppress the fact that he indeed works for EA. Maybe he stops by r/fifa once in a while as a ritual while he takes his anti-depressant. One can dream.
1. Game performance and server stability.
How great wouldn't it be if this was EA's main priority. Imagine what it could do for overall enjoyment and competitive FIFA gaming. Way less stuttering and input lag, way less server disconnects and laggy menus. This is what ALL players want, but unfortunately will probably never happen.
1. Situational-aware players and referees.
Something that has at least annoyed me for a while is the fact that the players behave similarly regardless of their current position on the pitch. Often, I would say every game a player receives the ball in such a way that he runs over the sideline. or the AI jumps after a ball ultimately making a corner for the opponent. And when on the topic, wouldn't it be nice if the offside rule was applied in such a way that a freekick was not given for something that happened on the other side of the pitch, only because the game registered that a pass from defense that got blocked was on its way to the striker. Same goes for freekicks I guess, believe it or not keepers are not allowed to murder strikers and it really should be penalty/freekick even though the player was performing another action when the "foul" happened. Should be a reasonable wish after all these years.
2. First touch
One of the biggest missed opportunities I personally feel is the first touch of a player. It would be such a great way to distinguishes a world class player vs a mediocre one. Imagine if Pirlo for example more easily could hold on to the ball, slightly adopting to the opponents players/pressure upon receiving it, creating some room for himself by his superb technique, while Doumbia did not have this slight advantage and a less smooth first touch. Pace would then be slightly less effective, something most players would welcome.
3. Replays & cutscenes.
Its about time that forced replays was removed from the actual match. Why this hasn't been done is a mystery and perhaps illustrates how many fxcks EA gives. No one wants replays during the game, at least not for EVERY goal. There is a decent replay function one can use after the game, in which a player can view the goals as many times as he wants, from any angle. And the fact that after all these years, replays still play 3 times, is beyond ridiculous. Imagine how great if would instead be if there were non, a player scored, celebrated and kickoff. Perhaps if both players pressed a button they could opt to watch it, but only if both did so during the celebration. Would be cool IMO, sortof like a gesture you gave someone on the rare occasion they scored a good/deserved goal. Instead, today you play minutes of intense gameplay for it to be interrupted by 1-2minutes of wastefulness. And cutscenes, why are some not skippable? I bet there rarely is a situation in which any of the players actually want to watch the referee walk over to the player, while the player bumbs into another players (the same way they bumb into anyone, ever) and ultimately a yellow card is given.. There should be some cut-scenes, but please make them short, precise, bugfree and rare. FIFA cut-scenes are notoriously bad, take a look at the referee for example giving out a yellow card. The card just appears out of thin air. #nextgen

4. Custom tactics
Fotball is a strategic game and half the battle is won in preparations. EA however seems to think that tactical option is nearly irrelevant and the only thing that is necessary in fotball is to decide if you want to select the 442 or 433.

Everyone has a different playing style, use different players and strategies when it comes to adopting to the opponent, so please give us advanced options and at least some basic ones in FUT. In fifa15 and prior editions it is/has been such an undervalued feature that you actually have to create a game session vs the computer each time you turn on the console in order to edit your custom tactics, which is ridiculousness. ALL players who wages money or plays the game really, has to do this. If not you will likely lose versus other who have tailored the pressing line, and squad width to perfectly match their style of play. So much for the word "fairness" that EA loves to throw around recently.

I bet a good percentage of players aren't even aware that this is possible and are playing against others with what is obviously an unfair disadvantage.
5. Make it more difficult for coinsellers & remove pricebands in FUT
There are so many easily done steps that can be taken. From forcing players to enter payment details upon registration for FUT (without charging, although it sucks for nonpaying players but why cater to them and this would be so effective.) Why not location lock accounts, or create restrictions on newly created accounts in regards to trading volume? Also its actually possible to ban accounts, believe it or not.. And create ways to monitor Fifa coins in general. Just please, everything else than removing the free market. Trading for many is just dead and without stopping the actual problem players will go extinct on all platforms as their dollar value decreases. Pricebands will ultimately suck for everyone and ironically the least for coinsellers once the prices settle.

Worth mentioning that ironically pricebands makes it more difficult to ban/police the issue as well. Seems like what you would want is abusive player behavior that is easily distinguishable such as selling a bronze player for 15mill..
6.A lot more game variations
Speaking on behalf of many when I say that FIFA, especially FUT desperately needs other forms of tournaments and leagues. There are so many possibilities, yet we have 1 online season and 3 online tournaments. What if there was Bronze and Silver seasons? Personally I would love that so much and a lot of good silvers who rarely get used would be relevant again. Or perhaps bigger tournaments with untradable prices awarded randomly? At least there has to be some incentive apart from redoing Div1. What about weekly or monthly leaderboards in your City? Or as someone suggest on r/fifa earlier, what about "heartstone arena" but the fifa version. You pay 3k coins, you get 3 options to pick from for each position, 3 losses and you are done. But win 10 games and you receive something.

I remember reading something about collectables as well, maybe a catalouge of nice looking balls and shirts that can sometimes be awarded when winning a season or tournament. Or other ways to customize your team simply by archiving things.

Even random matches would be fun were for example both players pays 1-5k to enter, get completely random players although at same rating and the winner gets the pot.




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