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   Having advantages in FIFA 16 [10/08/15 03:45AM]   
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I think there are some technical considerations that would be interesting to know. The way online console gaming USED to work was that one machine/player hosted a match while the other machine/player was a client. This resulted in the player who was hosting having an advantage in that zero packets get lost and lag is essentially zero with your own machine. I believe that a lot of times players seem to teleport past my defenders on through balls to score an easy 1-on-1 with the keeper, it's because of lag.
I suspect this is still the way FIFA operates because it's possible to keep playing past the time EA servers go down. Then, when it's time to report to the EA servers the results of the match at the end of the game, you get a notice that you've lost connection with the EA servers. The alternative is that the match is hosted on Microsoft/Sony machines, but EA seems really hesitant to rely on someone else's infrastructure.

So, if you believe me, there is an advantage to hosting the match on your box. The question is, then, if EA has a fair way of determining whose box hosts the game. If there's "performance enhancing logic" rather than Fifa coins flip, it's very possible that a bad connection could result in you having many games in a row where your opponent is hosting and therefore has an advantage.

This is the first time I read someone saying something like that. You are talking ages ago and leaving out the PC platform entirely. Games are hosted in servers. When the servers "go down" they can still let the games finish, just need to kick the players not in a game and not allow for new games to start. This is pretty standard practice in any online game. In some cases servers ARE hard shut down and games end immediately.
I can't really talk in detail about console servers because I don't own a current gen console, but I don't think online works the way you think at all.

Ages ago, no. This was debated A LOT when Xbox launched their cloud services with the launch of the Fifa 16 coins xbox 360. You can read the Titanfall Devs talking about why the move to the Xbox Cloud removes this problem. The problem is EA is not spending the money to transition to the new infrastructure. The actions of the game (move, kick, pass) are hosted by one console. The other console is connecting as a client, and the host is connecting as a local client with zero lag.

The database with your FUT record, players, etc is hosted on EA servers. The EA servers are responsible for matchmaking, but pass the responsibility for serving on to one of the player's consoles, where it is handled peer-to-peer until it's time to report back results to EA.




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