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   FIFA 16: choices up front [20/08/15 07:56AM]   
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Liverpool, they have been my first choice ever since FIFA15. It's gonna be weird though without Gerrard this year. Might try to loan him in or buy him back. Also a lot of new talent, lots of choices up front, no Sterling, Ibe might be getting an upgrade so I might use him as a starter.

I've actually already decided all the teams I will use in FIFA16. First like I mentioned Liverpool. Then Inter Milan, Dortmund, Chelsea, Aston Villa/West Ham and lastly will be Fulham.

I always do Arsenal, I try to keep it as realistic as possible and avoid signing any big players except for one every season or two. A lot more fun to play as a big club but buy on budget and realistic. In 15 bought K.S.Y from Swansea Ghoulam, Timo Werner.

Celtic. Set up a YA in Scotland. Develop my team. Probably end up selling Van Dijk in a couple of seasons for big money and use that to buy a few solid players. I want to sign Zlatan for his last year or two even if he is low rated(I'll be his MLS). I might edit him beforehand to add some stamina so he won't retire really early. Long term goal to reach later stages of CL or win a lot of Fifa coins. Probably will sim against lower teams. I'll be adding Rangers to the top division as well

FC Groningen- The club my friend supports. We always both start at Groningen and then play while chatting via Skype (PS chat sucks)
AC Milan- Along with Man United,my favourite club abroad. It's also a nice challenge to bring them back to the top of the world.

Man United- See Milan. Although there might not be much improvement needed apart from the defense.

Portsmouth- My go to RTG, and now they have their cheap Fifa 16 coins, so yeah.
Apart from those 5, I don't really know.

EDIT: How did I forgot about Newcastle?! They look to be a really fun team to use next year, including one of my favourite Fifa (and rl) players Gini!




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