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   FIFA 16 is loved by a lot of gamers [07/11/15 07:49AM]   
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The football simulation video game “FIFA 16” developed by EA Sports may have been reviewed as inferior compared to its counterpart “Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2016” developed by Konami, but the former still has the gamer numbers compared to the latter.

As if to show to “PES 2016” that it is still the more popular football simulation video game, EA Sports reported that “FIFA 16” has recorded 326 million matches played across all game platforms just 16 days after the game was released on September 22, notes the PlayStation Lifestyle.

The game developer also released an infographic about “FIFA 16” showing that there have been 1.5 billion hours played in total as well as 693 million goals scored.

EA Sports also took it as an opportunity to thank the fans for their continued support to the “FIFA” franchise.

The biggest in franchise history

EA Sports also disclosed in its website that “FIFA 16” is the biggest football simulation video game in franchise history.

The developer said that the warm reception of the fans on the game only proves on Fifa 16 Account that they have succeeded in making sure that “FIFA 16” is fair, fun, and secure.

It added that its decision to bring back the Web & Companion App as well as making it easier for gamers to buy and sell in the improved transfer market has worked wonders for the fans to really appreciate “FIFA 16” all the more.

And for the very remarkable and healthy start of “FIFA 16,” EA Sports also announced that it will be rewarding all FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) users with an Ultimate Loan Players Pack., which is also the developer’s way of saying thank you to the millions of gamers and fans who have continuously supported and played the video game.

Positive reviews

Barely two months after its official release to the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, “FIFA 16” is currently drawing positive reviews from both gamers and critics despite sub-par comparisons to Konami’s “PES 2016.”

In addition to bursting with new contents, one of the most lauded features of the “FIFA 16” is the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Mode, which is a game mode where players must learn to form teams with the cards they randomly get from digital booster packs.

After assembling the team in the FUT Mode, gamers can start participating in several tournaments and get a chance to win a championship to earn more fifa 16 coins which can eventually be used to build their respective dream team.

Those in a hurry to get things done can always shell out real money, typical with most video games, but it is not an obligation or mandatory.

Some gamers shun the constant internet connection requirement on most video games, particularly those offering multiplayer and co-op gameplay modes. In the case of the FUT Mode, it also requires constant internet connection but the player is not forced to play against other players online.

It is just that internet connection is imperative because some of the features of the gameplay mode can only be accessed online.

While the FUT Mode gives gamers the excitement to create their own football team, they should always bear in mind that the most important factor to consider in playing the mode is team chemistry. Having the best players in the league in one’s team may look good on paper but without chemistry, it’s no different than playing with a rag-tag team of rookies.

The FUT Mode teaches gamers the value of teamwork and chemistry in team sports because regardless of how great one player plays the game, without the support of his teammates, he simply would not be able to earn the wins all by himself. Football is a team sport so when EA Sports developed it, it was looking for gamers to appreciate the essence of having good chemistry and playing as a team.

The new and biggest feature of the FUT Mode is the FUT Draft, which is a mode that allows gamers to create a team with random golden players.




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